Friday, April 26, 2013

Just posted everything backward!

Blah, well I just posted everything backwards, so just a quick recap from June 2012 to April 2013

1. Bought new (30 yr old home) and moved 30 miles closer to Houston
2. Lake Week in Indiana 2012
3. Back to Indiana two more times before Christmas
4. Barcelona, Nice, Venice - super duper fun!
5. Pregnant!!
6. Scrapping weekend - Fall 2012
7. Indiana for Thanksgiving & Christmas
8. Salt Lake/Park City Trip
9. Selling 1st home after being landlord failures! - current
10. Scrapping weekend - Spring 2013 - next month!
11. Having a baby - two months or less!!

As far as sewing is concerned, I have created...
A shirt, PJ shorts, baby curtains, baby blanket, 3 breastfeeding covers, a baby carrying sling, a Moby style baby carrier, splat mat using vinyl covered cotton...other stuff probably

Sewing in progress... large curtains for loft, seat cushion for fireplace (turning fireplace into chalkboard for baby), and cushion for outdoor chairs

Upgrades to new home... Screened patio, dug up pavers that covered the yard and made a garden with them, added doors to master bathroom and painted cabinets and doors in bathroom , new toilet in half bath, hubby made a bookshelf for baby's room - it's awesome!

Phew! I am sure I'm missing so much, but now we are caught up. Onward and upward from here!! Well, I'm probably going to take another year break and recap next April (ha!). Hopefully not!

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