Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer Fireplace

In preparation for little man's arrival, we converted our fireplace into a bench and magnetic chalkboard. It is all removable for winter. Hubby used plywood for the chalkboard and cushion. We just bought a new memory foam mattress so we took an electric kitchen knife to the old one. We plan to make two camper size mattresses for guests from the old memory foam mattress as well (take that traditional mattresses!). Then we just stapled cheapie (but pretty) fabric to the plywood and foam. Now little baby can be safe and have fun. Yes yes he can't even leave my womb at the moment, but I know he totally appreciates our efforts.

Now to secure that TV in place and hide those wires (paint them I guess??).

Friday, April 26, 2013

Just posted everything backward!

Blah, well I just posted everything backwards, so just a quick recap from June 2012 to April 2013

1. Bought new (30 yr old home) and moved 30 miles closer to Houston
2. Lake Week in Indiana 2012
3. Back to Indiana two more times before Christmas
4. Barcelona, Nice, Venice - super duper fun!
5. Pregnant!!
6. Scrapping weekend - Fall 2012
7. Indiana for Thanksgiving & Christmas
8. Salt Lake/Park City Trip
9. Selling 1st home after being landlord failures! - current
10. Scrapping weekend - Spring 2013 - next month!
11. Having a baby - two months or less!!

As far as sewing is concerned, I have created...
A shirt, PJ shorts, baby curtains, baby blanket, 3 breastfeeding covers, a baby carrying sling, a Moby style baby carrier, splat mat using vinyl covered cotton...other stuff probably

Sewing in progress... large curtains for loft, seat cushion for fireplace (turning fireplace into chalkboard for baby), and cushion for outdoor chairs

Upgrades to new home... Screened patio, dug up pavers that covered the yard and made a garden with them, added doors to master bathroom and painted cabinets and doors in bathroom , new toilet in half bath, hubby made a bookshelf for baby's room - it's awesome!

Phew! I am sure I'm missing so much, but now we are caught up. Onward and upward from here!! Well, I'm probably going to take another year break and recap next April (ha!). Hopefully not!

Scrapping Weekend - Fall 2012

Yoda hat for the baby...

Crochet skills huzzah!

Salt Lake/Park City Trip - Jan 2013

I actually just rode on Greg's and mostly stood around and watched everyone else ride. It was pretty and lots of fun!

Salt Lake/Park City Trip - Jan 2013

Salt Lake/Park City Trip - Jan 2013

Salt Lake/Park City Trip - Jan 2013

Stop watching...

Stop watching and pay attention to meeeeee. Ridiculous.

Early pregnancy crafting

Before the giant belly happened, I made this shirt. You would think floaty shirts are good Preggo wear, but as soon as I popped, I just wanted to wear fitted shirts that helped me look pregnant and not just whale-like.

I love this shirt though and plan to wear apr├Ęs baby! I was particularly proud of the color blocking, color choices, and smooth neckband. Neckbands have been a nemesis of mine for awhile now.

Foster dog lovin'

We fostered Charlie earlier in the year, he has since been adopted. Obviously B-dog and Charlie were pals.

Too cool not to post

Ever seen a purple sky? Awesome.

Baby Crafts - Curtain Edition

Yup, cut and sewed those too!

Baby Crafts - Blanket Edition

I created the baby blanket, Chewy approved!

...and carry a big stick

I made a growth chart!

This was wood from an old project where hubby and I planned to build a bookshelf together. Well we stained a couple pieces of wood and gave up. Fast forward 1.5 years and now I turned that failed project into an awesome piece of art (ha). I used my vinyl cutter and some basic ruler skills to create this oversized masterpiece.

Now we just need to mount it a foot off the ground and put some heights on that baby. Ok yeah, probably should wait until the kiddo comes and put his height on there. But! I will also be adding hubby and me to this chart too!


You know you live in Texas when you are forced to take your picture in Bluebonnets (especially when there are 5 other families doing the same and a cop stopping traffic to make sure everyone is safe! Ha!)

It's curtains for you!

I bought these fabrics earlier this week to make REALLY long curtains to cover our loft area that overlooks the living room below. We have hubby's nephew staying with us during the time baby will be born and we thought it might help with some extra privacy.

I bought the white tablecloth fabric at Hancocks for *get ready to be amazed* $1 a yard...what!? And then I went to the store Tuesday Morning and bought a queen sized Calvin Klein duvet cover, regularly priced $89 for *get ready again* $15!!! So yeah, now I'm cutting it all up and making some curtains.

Oohhh and I bought a cover stitch machine, so I might have to play with that on these curtains when it comes in on Saturday. Who says cover stitch is for knits only? I say use that machine for everything because, well, why not!?

PJ Shorts!

I'm back - kind of! 2 months away from giving birth, so probably not back for long, but here is a recent make!

I used the Maritime Shorts Pattern from Grainline Studio. I added 1.5 inches to what would be my normal Preggo hip size on each of the side seams. It was my 2nd try since I cut my straight hip size the first try and they fit like undies! I plan to go two sizes up next time and see if that gets me an even better fit.

Overall I love them and have slept in them every night this week!  Sideways pic ahead! *tilt head now*