Saturday, May 19, 2012

Side view

This is my recreation of Katherine Heigl's new movie cover. Who stands like that? Seriously strange. But..I do look pretty fantastic if I say so myself. Ha.

Also, check out those button tab sleeves. Not perfect, but nothing I sew ever is. Go me!


New shirt. A little bit of this, a little of that from various patterns.

Skirt previously made and blogged.

Date night with the hubby. We are going to recreate our first date (4+ years since that awesome night in April 2008!)

Sushi and bowling ftw!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The puppy says...hey girl

Hey Girl,

I don't mind you yelling at me to get off what I can only assume to be a new bed for me. Why else would there be fabric on the floor? Don't mind me, I know you like it.

Mother's Day Sewing

It seems like I am only good for sewing rayon skirts and no other type of clothing lately. I failed a linen skirt make I had planned as a M-Day gift for a certain individual who birthed me. Oh well. As long as this skirt isn't too big in the waist, (which is possible since she is tiny) I think she will like it. And yes I totally made a ruffle matchy matchy scarf from the leftover yard. Here is to efficient yardage use, huzzah!