Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Maxi Skirt!

I used knit white Lycra/Cotton blend fabric from Dharma Trading Co. iDyed with grey dye. Then used Elle Apparel's tutorial I create a maxi skirt. I wore it out to a brew tour and was super comfy in it. Highly recommend! Now I need to recreate the top. It's getting holes in it :/

Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer Skirt

I think I will make a maxi skirt tonight for tomorrow's long day of outdoors springy activities! Perhaps a ballerina scoop neck to go with that?

Linen blend dressaroo

I made a new dress! It is a cotton/linen blend. The top portion is from Burda Style's 'so very blue' pattern. The rest I made up me-self. The biggest issue is that the top pulls at the arms and is big through the neck, blah. I still like it though and wore it to dinner yesterday! Yay summery dresses!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Paleo meeee

Ok so the blog that was for sewing, then for health, then for sewing, is now a smorgasbord of both! In this most beautiful pic you can see two apples and a lemon. Yeah that right. I'm back on the Paleo track! High jump high five! Also eating pemmican. Which is like human dog food, but when warmed it is soooo yummy in a why am I loving this it's so gross sort of way...yah know? Anywhoo, no gluten, minimal sugar, minimal processed-ness, minimal dairy, lots of veggiefruitmeatdarkchocofantastarificness.

Goooooo Paleoooooo (and my lined chiffon gathered waist skirt!)!!

I made another skirt, can you tell?

Lol, I need to remember to have Greg take le pics of me in the outfit. Otherwise it seems a bit strange to take a photo of my lap. Seriously need a better photo! On a positive note Chiffon just got owned! I am the fabric whisperer. So happy to have made something with it! Now to tackle lace!!

I love having puppy friends!

Bodie visiting us while his owners were away!

Last one from Reno...

From the mountain...

We went to Reno!

It's a weird way to spend Easter weekend, but Reno was a blast and the skiing was fantastic!

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Old Renfrew

New Renfrew from hubbies old shirt. Main part is inside out from original due to pen marks that won't come off. Used original sleeve hem. Added button because I sewed neck hem backwards!

Weird to see his old shirt as my new shirt!