Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Plans Re-Revisited

Spring Plan Update's Update

1) Block Pattern Party!
Sew Country Chick - Pencil Skirt Block
Madalynne - Top and Sleeves Block
Ultimate would be to make something like #3 using both the patterns

2) Self-drafted shorts, by doing this!

3) This Dress

4) This Skirt

5) White Cardigan - Drape or No Drape?

6) At least one more Renfrew

7) Truffle Shuffle!
7) Skinny Black Pants that have faded
8) De-flare some work pants (at least 2)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Sewing Plan Revisited

Update to Winter Plan
1- Peony, Orange plaid <--Done!
1- Peony, Raw silk, black and tan <--Waiting until next fall
1- Renfrew Houndsooth Tee, 3/4 length if possible <--Done, only had enough scrap for t-shirt
1- Licorice polka dot chiffon <--Material Fail.  Chiffon is hard to work with!
1-Taffy-ish version with polka dot chiffon <--Still contemplating this one.  On hold for now.

Spring Plan Update
1-Truffle - Girly colors, perhaps Pink!?<--Daydreaming.  See my croquis!  I am thinking blue iDyed brushed cotton
1- Renfrew yellow light wool, Tee <--Material Fail!
1-Meringue- Linen - purple and mustard. <--Not sure of the meringue right now.  I am thinking of doing a blocked pencil skirt pattern from Sew Country Chick
1-McCalls 6444 - Light knit dark orange  <--I made a brown one and it is awesome!
1- Renfrew blue and white top, long sleeve cowl <--Done, 3/4 sleeve.  Also made a colorful long sleeve.

Possibly Dyeing -
Skinny Black Pants <--still need to do
Light yellow wool into dark yellow<--didn't happen, won't happen, not even sure what this was about!
White coats<--Waiting until fall
Redo -
Turtleneck Dress <--still need to do
Polka Dot Dress <--still need to do
Gray Dress <--still need to do
Skinny-fy some jeans <--thinking I wont, but need to sknny-fy some work pants!
Brown shirt and teal skirt combo <--Done, but not 100% happy with it

Truffle Croquis

Which one to make!?

I have the interlock knit.

Pro Drape -
It is cute!  Looookey here.Fashionable-ish I would say.
Pattern is ready to go
Quick to make

Anti Drape-
Already have 2 (+2 fails due to material type...when will I learn?!)
Still can't get the neck line to work fully properly
Want something light for spring that allows me to show off clothes underneath

Pro Grandpa Sweater-
Don't have any yet
Could add leather patches...
Less in front to show off clothes underneath

Anti Grandpa Sweater-
Have to trace pattern
It is an unknown - could fail
Take long to complete
...I am thinking g-pa wins! Now should I iDye or leave white? Patches??

Wednesday, March 28, 2012