Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spring Sewing Plan

So when does "Spring" sewing begin?  I think I might have some winter sewing left to do!  I hope I can wear them after I sew them!

I like the idea of sewing for the season.  I think I tend towards lots of black and brown as my two color pillars. 

Winter-ishy sewing: Due around Feb. 30th
1- Peony, Orange plaid
1- Peony, Raw silk, black and tan
1- Renfrew Houndsooth Tee, 3/4 length if possible
1- Licorice polka dot chiffon
1-Taffy-ish version with polka dot chiffon

 Spring Palette- Due around April 30th
1-Truffle - Girly colors, perhaps Pink!?
1- Renfrew yellow light wool, Tee
1-Meringue- Linen - purple and mustard.
1-McCalls 6444 - Light knit dark orange
1- Renfrew blue and white top, long sleeve cowl

Possibly Dyeing -
Skinny Black Pants
Light yellow wool into dark yellow
White coats

Redo -
Turtleneck Dress
Polka Dot Dress
Gray Dress
Skinny-fy some jeans
Brown shirt and teal skirt combo

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