Saturday, June 30, 2012

This outfit brought to you by...

Me! I made the shorts and the top! Shorts were from burda style. Downloaded pattern from 02/2011 magazine. The top is previously blogged.

I can't believe I successfully made shorts!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Burda Dreaming!

I have found some sneaky links to the July 2012 Burda pics thanks to the message boards.

The following are my favs. Can't wait to begin my subscription!

These photos come from

Another Sassy Librarian Photo

Ohhlala...just so sassy :)

Sassy Librarian Blouse

Here is my completed Sassy Librarian Blouse. This was completed using the instructions on Very thorough videos. I learned lots of awesome skills. I also learned that perhaps I am not a large collar type person. Not quite my style, but I am really proud of it! Look at those buttonholes!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

Why did the chicken cross the road? I don't know but look baby chicks!!

We saw this on the way to drop off the rest of the sewn dog beds for the rescue pups. Then we headed to indoor rock climb. So sore!

That is all for the weekend recap! What a great weekend!

Weekend Recap

Another dolman top pic. I need one in every color!

Weekend Recap

Dolman top. Copied pattern from RTW shirt my mom gave me. LOVE it! The sleeve cuffs are my fave. Less sold on the neckline, but didn't want to fix it. Now I have two shirts from the same material. Good thing it is awesome and matches my bike!

Weekend Recap

Another pic of the cupcake skirt. I can't eat them, but I can wear them!

Weekend Recap

Cupcake skirt! I got the idea from my 5 yo niece. I love her style. Yeah I know that is strange. She totally has awesome style though! Although I don't plan to rock the Disney princess costumes anytime soon. :)

Weekend Recap

Agh! Aren't these things supposed to not break from falling short distances on accident!!!?? It even has a case on it! Boooo. It still functions though!

Weekend Recap

Look at that awesome beer coaster beard. And he doesn't even seem to be mad that I dropped his phone. See next post! Eek!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Side view

This is my recreation of Katherine Heigl's new movie cover. Who stands like that? Seriously strange. But..I do look pretty fantastic if I say so myself. Ha.

Also, check out those button tab sleeves. Not perfect, but nothing I sew ever is. Go me!


New shirt. A little bit of this, a little of that from various patterns.

Skirt previously made and blogged.

Date night with the hubby. We are going to recreate our first date (4+ years since that awesome night in April 2008!)

Sushi and bowling ftw!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The puppy says...hey girl

Hey Girl,

I don't mind you yelling at me to get off what I can only assume to be a new bed for me. Why else would there be fabric on the floor? Don't mind me, I know you like it.

Mother's Day Sewing

It seems like I am only good for sewing rayon skirts and no other type of clothing lately. I failed a linen skirt make I had planned as a M-Day gift for a certain individual who birthed me. Oh well. As long as this skirt isn't too big in the waist, (which is possible since she is tiny) I think she will like it. And yes I totally made a ruffle matchy matchy scarf from the leftover yard. Here is to efficient yardage use, huzzah!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Maxi Skirt!

I used knit white Lycra/Cotton blend fabric from Dharma Trading Co. iDyed with grey dye. Then used Elle Apparel's tutorial I create a maxi skirt. I wore it out to a brew tour and was super comfy in it. Highly recommend! Now I need to recreate the top. It's getting holes in it :/

Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer Skirt

I think I will make a maxi skirt tonight for tomorrow's long day of outdoors springy activities! Perhaps a ballerina scoop neck to go with that?

Linen blend dressaroo

I made a new dress! It is a cotton/linen blend. The top portion is from Burda Style's 'so very blue' pattern. The rest I made up me-self. The biggest issue is that the top pulls at the arms and is big through the neck, blah. I still like it though and wore it to dinner yesterday! Yay summery dresses!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Paleo meeee

Ok so the blog that was for sewing, then for health, then for sewing, is now a smorgasbord of both! In this most beautiful pic you can see two apples and a lemon. Yeah that right. I'm back on the Paleo track! High jump high five! Also eating pemmican. Which is like human dog food, but when warmed it is soooo yummy in a why am I loving this it's so gross sort of way...yah know? Anywhoo, no gluten, minimal sugar, minimal processed-ness, minimal dairy, lots of veggiefruitmeatdarkchocofantastarificness.

Goooooo Paleoooooo (and my lined chiffon gathered waist skirt!)!!

I made another skirt, can you tell?

Lol, I need to remember to have Greg take le pics of me in the outfit. Otherwise it seems a bit strange to take a photo of my lap. Seriously need a better photo! On a positive note Chiffon just got owned! I am the fabric whisperer. So happy to have made something with it! Now to tackle lace!!

I love having puppy friends!

Bodie visiting us while his owners were away!

Last one from Reno...

From the mountain...

We went to Reno!

It's a weird way to spend Easter weekend, but Reno was a blast and the skiing was fantastic!

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Old Renfrew

New Renfrew from hubbies old shirt. Main part is inside out from original due to pen marks that won't come off. Used original sleeve hem. Added button because I sewed neck hem backwards!

Weird to see his old shirt as my new shirt!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Plans Re-Revisited

Spring Plan Update's Update

1) Block Pattern Party!
Sew Country Chick - Pencil Skirt Block
Madalynne - Top and Sleeves Block
Ultimate would be to make something like #3 using both the patterns

2) Self-drafted shorts, by doing this!

3) This Dress

4) This Skirt

5) White Cardigan - Drape or No Drape?

6) At least one more Renfrew

7) Truffle Shuffle!
7) Skinny Black Pants that have faded
8) De-flare some work pants (at least 2)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Sewing Plan Revisited

Update to Winter Plan
1- Peony, Orange plaid <--Done!
1- Peony, Raw silk, black and tan <--Waiting until next fall
1- Renfrew Houndsooth Tee, 3/4 length if possible <--Done, only had enough scrap for t-shirt
1- Licorice polka dot chiffon <--Material Fail.  Chiffon is hard to work with!
1-Taffy-ish version with polka dot chiffon <--Still contemplating this one.  On hold for now.

Spring Plan Update
1-Truffle - Girly colors, perhaps Pink!?<--Daydreaming.  See my croquis!  I am thinking blue iDyed brushed cotton
1- Renfrew yellow light wool, Tee <--Material Fail!
1-Meringue- Linen - purple and mustard. <--Not sure of the meringue right now.  I am thinking of doing a blocked pencil skirt pattern from Sew Country Chick
1-McCalls 6444 - Light knit dark orange  <--I made a brown one and it is awesome!
1- Renfrew blue and white top, long sleeve cowl <--Done, 3/4 sleeve.  Also made a colorful long sleeve.

Possibly Dyeing -
Skinny Black Pants <--still need to do
Light yellow wool into dark yellow<--didn't happen, won't happen, not even sure what this was about!
White coats<--Waiting until fall
Redo -
Turtleneck Dress <--still need to do
Polka Dot Dress <--still need to do
Gray Dress <--still need to do
Skinny-fy some jeans <--thinking I wont, but need to sknny-fy some work pants!
Brown shirt and teal skirt combo <--Done, but not 100% happy with it

Truffle Croquis

Which one to make!?

I have the interlock knit.

Pro Drape -
It is cute!  Looookey here.Fashionable-ish I would say.
Pattern is ready to go
Quick to make

Anti Drape-
Already have 2 (+2 fails due to material type...when will I learn?!)
Still can't get the neck line to work fully properly
Want something light for spring that allows me to show off clothes underneath

Pro Grandpa Sweater-
Don't have any yet
Could add leather patches...
Less in front to show off clothes underneath

Anti Grandpa Sweater-
Have to trace pattern
It is an unknown - could fail
Take long to complete
...I am thinking g-pa wins! Now should I iDye or leave white? Patches??

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Drapey Cardigan

Made 3, but love this one the most.

Shirt #3

> My favorite. Very comfy and I didn't have to alter it. Weird thing was that it was the first shirt I made!

Shirt #2

> A bit too colorful. Probably won't wear it out often

Update:  Goodwill-ed

Shirt # 1

> A little tight and I used scraps so the front is from 3 different pieces