Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When the hubby is away the dog still wants to play & "T"ea Tuesday

Last week the hubby was in Utah for work.  Barley and I had to entertain ourselves.  Enjoy the photo fest below...

Barley thought: Do you think Greg is over there!?  
Barley thought: I'm on a walk, walkawalkawalk... Squirrel!

Sunset on the Walk
Barley thought: Maybe if I concentrate hard enough a squirrel will appear INSIDE the house
Barley thought: Pet me or I'll eat you!

Barley thought: I secretly love it when she takes photo's of me

I don't know much about Gluten-Free beer, but this wasn't good.  The Kombucha though is my newest favorite thing to drink....EVER!  Which is why today is "T"ea Tuesday!  Kombucha is a fermented tea and is very probiotic!  Try it! 
MmmmMmm....Kombucha "T"ea Tuesday!  Huzzah!  I need to learn to brew this or purchase stock in a Kombucha company!

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