Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Mayhem

Wow Monday, you are kind of a jerk. 

Sigh, today wasn't bad, just hard to get through. 

  • Glad the work day is almost over!  Monday = jerkfacemonkey.
  • I hate when I don't blog for a bit, because it's hard to get the magic back.
  • I think I still have July 4th weekend to recap and then forward from there but I don't think I have very many pics to share. Ugh.
  • People should do what they say and not not do what they say...jerks. 
  • 131.5 is better than last week's 133.5...but not as good as two weeks ago's 129.5 
  • I need to get back on track...this is what I have discovered with my cheats...
    • 2T of PB a day or less ONLY - not 1/4 jar per day like I was doing
    • No Ice Cream - sad face
    • Only cheese from the dairy group
    • I think coconut milk might give me stomach bubbly-ness (oh yeah, I know you wanted to know that), so I plan to eat less of it
    • I ate gluten and it hurt like so no more gluten, ever (or until my birthday cake August 6th!) - unless someone gives me a gluten-free cake and that would be so fantastiriffic.
    • 70% Dark Chocolate is ok, but only a couple squares per night.
    • Beer is gluten, but it is still a wife-ly duty to drink your hubby's beer.  But only on weekend nights and only a couple.
    • Kombucha makes me feel awesome.  $3.80 a day is a hard habit to keep though.  Until the hubs stops me though, I will drink one a day....forever! Muahaha...
    • I still randomly am having stomach issues.  I really need to pay more attention to what could be hurting me.  I think it correlates to the weight gain and also that I have been eating less veggies and fruit and more unhealthy cheat-y things.  So back to veggies and fruit hardcore!
Ok now to photo free-for-all!

Go to Austin and become a musician.  That is what happens.  Also another in the series of big giant things that are awesome to stand near!

Austin is awesome, like sooooooo friggin' cool.

My husband love loves his beer.

Thai place right near our house.  Ribs served INSIDE a pineapple!? Awesome-sauce....literally.  This place issoooooo amazing!  Thai Wok-in and Carryout...haha...get it!?  Please don't ever leave us TWIACO.

Barley says Hola.

Then he said NO-la....silly Giraffe dog, you can't escape!

Carousel with the neice...look for the hippie (Greg) and the tiny person on a bunny/donkey(?) waving the wrong way.

Eyes dilated....I look a little anime-y.... -.75 in both eyes...decided to get cheap-o glasses at ($26 total for 2 pairs!).  Ugh wrinkles go away.  You didn't get the memo that I am too young! 

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