Monday, June 13, 2011

Where did last week go!?

So I managed to be so busy for the past week as to not be able to post a single thing!  I am sure that if I tried hard enough, I could have made time...but I was in "school." 
I now know more about the stuff that I should know about when it comes to my job than what I knew before I did the thing that I just did...  So there.
Since it is Monday and I am behind in posting-ness, I will do a post about 10 things that happened since I was gone.

1.  I went to Galveston two weekends ago with my family and all I came back with were two bathroom photos and a very cute Dora the Explorer hug pic-ola of the nieces.
Dora kept them happy for 1.23 minutes, which was nice, because I was in charge of them at the time...  Ok breaks over, where did they go!? I tease, they are safe, I think.

2.  Bathroom pictures you say?  Yes I have piqued your gross disgusting curiosity then.  Well, have a look-see (a fancy bathroom for a fancy lady)... 
I wanted to mark the occasion I saw this.....
(BTW, why the funny and hair and sleepy eyes? I'm awesome, that's why.) 

You know you've made it when you have swan sink handles....I know you are jealous.  I made Greg take a picture of the boy’s bathroom, they had serpents.  I wanted serpents L

3.  This photo makes me happy…no Barley’s were harmed in the making of this photo…only loved and given a treat with more loved heaped on the side…

but, how come when I take photos, only the ones that show my house being a mess ever make it?  Hmmm.  My theory is that messy gnomes come in and dirty up the place after I spent hours upon hours cleaning.  Yeah that’s what it is.  Dang gnomes.

 4.  One of my best friends from high school got married.  She is fantastic and had a beautiful wedding.  Upon first arriving I was a little afraid it was just going to be smack dab in the middle of a cow pasture…but then all of a sudden a very nice and brand new reception hall appeared.  I was quite impressed.  I mean look at that river-rock-bed-Lilly-pads-water-feature-thing. Very nice.   

5.  The hubby and I had a really good time.  There was delicious food, like queso, chocolate covered strawberries………and a candy bar!  I should have taken photos!

I also got to see a couple people from high school, which wasn’t as weird as I was thought it would be.  Overall a nice time was had and…mmmmmm quesooooo.

6.  Speaking of food, I have been doing really well at not eating bread and gluten products.  I still have been splurging though.  Like Saturday I might have eaten a whole thing of ice cream in one sitting (the small kind that is still really large, you know the one) and then tore up the queso and candy bar that night…but somehow eating 98% less bread and gluten has been good to me.  I am down to 133.5 and I feel GOOD (when not splurging that is).

7.  I learned all about drill bits this past week.  It was a good experience and one of the most challenging weeks I have had since college (Texas A&M University Class O’ 2005, what what!).  Yup I am a dork. 

8.  I didn’t work out.  I was too tired, which is a terrible excuse.  I plan on starting again today------ish.

9.  The hubby and I worked on a special super-secret gift item for some family members that I will reveal next week!  It felt good to do some crafting, especially with my hubby, but it kind of looks like a 3 year-old decided to paint the walls with lipstick…I am still proud of our work though! The sentiment is still the same!

10.  Alright, I am sleepy and thirsty.  Off to get some water and caffeine! 

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