Monday, June 27, 2011

What Paleo is to Me

Ok so I am a little obsessed with this diet.  It has helped me so much and I just want to share some details with you. 

  •  “The good” is any meat (seafood included), veggies, fruit, nuts (not peanuts), eggs, there is plenty more you can eat, but this just gives a basic overview
  • “The Bad” that is vegetable oils, any breads (pasta, cookies, flour, rice, grains – even whole wheat).  Olive oil and coconut oil are good and recommended.
  • “The Ugly” are all processed foods.  If you can’t find it in the wild, then you should steer clear (although dark chocolate and one glass a wine a night are okay)
  • “The Okay” are dairy.

A typical day for me…
  • Breakfast -A smoothie in the morning (frozen banana, blueberries, spinach, liquid vitamins, fish oil – you don’t even taste it but it’s so good for you, more ice and more water)
  • Morning treat - Iced coffee
  • Lunch in the work cafeteria – I eat only the meat (not fried or with other breaded-ness on it) and choose only veggies as my sides
  • Dinner – Burgers without the bun (we add hot sauce, colorful peppers and onions to the burgers) and I eat it with a little olive oil mayo, steak, salad with lots of olive oil and yummy balsamic vinegar – we have red apple vinegar- with some cheese and meat crumbled in, Thai curry from takeout, any sort of meat and some veggies really
  • Snack after dinner or when I feel hungry –Fruit – blueberries, watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, etc.  Although, to lose weight I have been trying to eat fruit any time before 6pm.
They also say to get lots of fats from avocado’s, olive oil and coconut milk.  You shouldn’t ever feel hungry on this diet nor have to count calories.  If you eat this way 80% of the time you will see results.  Eating fats doesn’t translate to fat; eating breads, wheat and gluten (found in breads, lots of people are intolerant and don’t know it – Celiac Disease) does.

  • Read this! - Whole 30
  • Also, one of my favorite places to find out answers is on  It is forum’s based, but you search for anything it will help answer your questions.
I got into this using the book “Paleo Solution”, which was really helpful, but half the book seems to be steeped in science and it gets a bit bogged down for the average reader.  However, I did get the basic idea of the book.  One thing the book said was that there are so many choices on this diet.  I think it is easy to get into the mindset that there aren’t because you are cutting out breads and legumes and some dairy, but really what I like about it is that I have developed a taste for fruits and veggies and I love experimenting on different things.  Carbs are an addiction, don't eat the beige! 

I also have found out it is pretty easy to eat paleo at restaurants, although I am sure hardcore Paleo peeps would disagree (cross contamination and trace amounts of grains, etc).  Steak and veggies, fajita meat and salsa with guacamole, Thai curry without the rice, Apple chicken salad from Panera (yum!), grilled chicken and veggies, burger without the bun and lots of condiments, fish, crabs, shrimp, etc. 

It might be a little weird of a diet, but I feel SO much better.  I used to get stomach aches and indigestion, but I haven’t had a single issue since I switched to this....  AND I have lost 25 pounds!

Exercise wise I saw this graphic on a Paleo site and it made sense to me.  I have sometimes worked out, sometimes not on this diet and have seen results in both.  Now that I have lost the weight I want to tone so this is my plan…  I don’t know if it’s necessary to work out all the time on the diet, but I do think it helps…

Thanks Paleo for being AWESOME!

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