Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Things Thursday!

Welcome to the second installment of TTT!  Where you get to hear three completely random tidbits about me! Aren't you just so interested??

1) To continue with my love of BIG things from last TTT, I wanted to share two more photos.  I was just lazy last time and decided not to add them to the post.  Both pics are from our recent trip to Seattle.  *Sigh* I wanna go back!

2)  It rained yesterday!  You might be asking yourself, "Mr. Toodles, why would it matter if it rained? That is a normal phenomenon in the world."  Well, Mr. Toodles...if that is really your name, it stopped raining in the part of Texas where I live and work and sleep and boat.  So I am a happy person, but still not sure if it was enough to repair the cracks in the ground around my house (pretty sure a sinkhole is about to form and swallow my house whole) and we can't get my parents boat out of their slip.  Yes yes, we have so many problems, woe is me, blalala.  Anyway, back to looking at the rain!  Yay!

 3)  Did you know Malta is a place?  I went there on a business trip a couple years ago.  It was pretty awesome.  Also, do you remember the movie 'The Count of Monte Cristo'?  This is the prison they used from the movie.  Pretty sweet, eh?

Sooooo coooool.

Sweet glasses, Miley Cyrus
Yes, perfect.  Minus the jellyfish chasing me wherever I went.   

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