Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I read so many blogs and I really enjoy the randomness of TTT, so it's my turn!

Get ready to be mystified and stupefied...or just feel stupider because of the awesomeness!

Randomness is something I have perfected quite well over the years...

1)  I *heart* my giant monitors at work.  I can SEE my data and it can see me, but people at the door can't see if I am there or not.  Sometimes I find this entertaining.  I also enjoy my lamp on the right, it doesn't really provide much light since there are giant fluorescents caressing my skin, but I like to pretend my office is warm and cozy.

2) I am not much of a hugger unless you are four things...
(Especially if you can be all 4 at once!)
A. My husband.
B. Immediate family like my awesome nieces.
C. Stuffed or real animals of any shape or size, I don't discriminate.
D.  REALLY REALLY wanting or needing a hug. 

Seattle 2011.  Ohh hubby don't cry, I am so happy we are a family...why are you soooo fluffy and squishy and soft right now!?  Never mind, don't speak, let's enjoy the moment...
3) I REALLY Like giant things.  They make me so happy inside.  Hence the photo above and below. 
Tokyo 2010.  A GIANT CONE!?  WHaaah??
I just realized that I am wearing my chucks on two different vacations.  Well, off to ponder this not important piece of trivia and crunch some data!

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