Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"T" is for Tuesday!

Today will be "T"errific Tuesday..so I have deemed.

Why is today "T"errific you might ask?

1) Well, it is 3:52 and I am about to head out the door!
2) The weekend weight gain has gone and went.  Which I am still unsure why it happened.  I got up to 134.5 after getting all the way down to 131.5...I am now at 132.5 so pretty happy.  Thoughts on why this happened...
-Chipotle hurt my tummy.  I don't know why.  I stayed Paleo but something went awry.
-Amazing "T"errfic Thai food of my life and in walking distance from the house...maybe too much coconut fat from all the awesome-sauce?  I won't stop this one though.
-Too much sun (not that much though, really)
-Not enough water (I chug-a-lug, so I don't think this is really it either)
-A couple glasses of wine (Ok so Thursday and Friday might have been a more than a "couple")
Oh well, who knows.  I am still working on tweaking this diet.  It is sooo hard to cut back on PB and sauces in general...sigh (I like that I didn't list those above, but they should most likely also be included).  I only eat a little of each, but I wonder if it really is affecting me?  My whole life I thought dairy was made just for me, specifically ice cream and cheese.  I miss these things.
Anywho, moving right along...
3)Iced Coffee is kind of yummy.  I have had it three days in a row and am contemplating continuing this one.  Not sure how healthy it is due to the whole MVP thing, but I only have one a day and no other caffeine, so it's ok...right, right?  PS this is straight up hard stuff, no sugar or cream. I am so tough...ha!4)I went blonde!  See me below!

Behold the beauty that is the Blond Erin...or beware the wrath of my wrinkles and dark under eye stare...muahahaha.  What?

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