Friday, June 3, 2011

Ode to Barley-licious and Ipad photos

So we are off on another vacation this weekend!  This will be the last for a little bit.  It is close to home though, going to Galveston with my family and the nieces, yay! 

In honor of my poor puppy who doesn't get to come along and my Ipad for not much of any particular reason except that it keeps me happy, I wanted to post a wall full of adorableness...

Engagement photo..not an Ipad photo, but I lurve this one...

My home brewing hubby needed a brewery name and cool kegs, so I invented Black Barley Brewery...don't I have some mad vinyl cutter using skillz (they are so good, they get a Z).  This might have been an Iphone photo...oops.

Closer pic-ola.  Also Iphone photo I think.

Last night chilaxin' with my two favs...the hubby and the puppy.  Word corrected me to 'chillaxing'...cause that is a word..ha!?  Yep this is an Ipad photo.

Lick me...ok ok...don't like me..tehehehe!

Last Christmas in Indiana on the lake.  Barley hates water but LOVES ice...strange.  Also not taken with an Ipad, but it was on my Ipad so it counts.

First day I got my Ipad and was a bit obsessed with the swirly function...doesn't he look so respectable with his tie!?  That is MISTER Barley to you.

My sleepy fluffy Alf-Chewbacca-bear-deer combo...I miss your hair.

I will miss you for the 1.75 days we won't be there for you to sneakily lick my face and follow me around the house. 

See you soon!!!

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