Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Health Food and WIAW

So Today...
I am thinking of doing an IF (Intermittent Fast).  I realize they should be organic, like "oh oops I fogot to eat lunch because of how awesome I am."  Uh yeah, I am a planner.  I need to plan my day and my food, or the lack of it.  So this is my...

'What I Ate (or not) Wednesday!'
Breakfast: Smoothie - Blueberries, Spinach, Liquid Vitamins, Cod Liver Oil (lemon flavor), Chia Seeds, Kefir, Greek Yogurt, Ice
Snack: Iced Coffee (x2)
Lunch: Grass-fed ground beef in curry sauce (sauce from the store, its a little too over processed, I will have to make this with coconut milk and spices next time I think), avocado (although it might have gone bad) and 2 squares dark chocolate (60%, but after it's gone I have 73% matcha green tea and peppermint chocolate to eat at home!)
Dinner: possible IF

Ok so I live on the outskirts of Houston, like an hour drive, if you drive 75MPH the entire time.  So finding good healthy food is a little difficult...or so I thought!

Health Food Stores
Enter Hubbel and Hudson, this place is FANTASTIC!  If you live in North Houston area, check it out!  My hubby and I, on Saturday night, went to the movies in The Woodlands, and this place was right across the way.  We went to see what all the hub-bub was about and it turns out it is a grocery store and bistro in one!  YOU CAN DRINK WHILE YOU SHOP!  They had a bunch of raw cheeses, grass-fed meats, a make your own nut butters! bar, gelato bar, a HUGE organic fruits and veggies section and so much more!  Hubs and I were in HEAVEN!  We ended up buying So Delicious! Coconut Milk Ice Cream - Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavor - yum!  Although it contained peanuts and soy, so it was a little off my diet.  It was such a tasty treat!  As a warning - too much coconut ice cream can cause a rumbly tummy!  We also bought a dark chocolate bar, 75% with cocoa nibs inside it.  It was a little too bitter for me, but my husband took it on his trip to Provo and loved it!  The final item we tried was chocolate hazelnut nut butter, which we made at the nut butter bar!  It was AWESOME!  Ok so I am a little allergic to hazelnut.  I didn't care,  I can splurge every now and then...right?  Ok so I shouldn't, but besides the itchy throat closing feeling, it was amazing.  If you aren't allergic, try it!  Better than Nutella!!

As if one healthy food store within 30 minutes of me wasn't enough, I found an even closer Health Food Store, within a short distance of my house! Healthy Living!  So granted, this store has apparently been there for a long time.  I really thought they only sold weird aromatherapy and other herbal remedies that didn't apply to me.  I was SO wrong!  My mom has convinced me I needed more calcium in my diet, which I am not sure is factual based on the Paleo Solution, but I went along with it.  I thought it would be a good experiment to see how adding dairy back into my diet would be.  I bought Kefir and Greek Yogurt for my morning smoothies.  Both were pasteurized, but from Grass-fed cows, so at least there was that.  I think in Texas you can buy raw milk products from farms only.  I also bought Kombucha which was REALLY yummy!  I am going to make my husband help me create this concoction at home.  He is a home-brewer so he knows how to deal with yeast and maybe if I make it a little stronger than I can have an allergy free alternative to beer (hops allergy, boo)??  My final purchase was that 73% matcha green tea, peppermint chocolate bar I mentioned above.  It was really yummy and I can't wait to have more tomorrow after my IF!

So how have I reacted to adding milk into the diet?
Well, I am a hypochondriac, so any little change could possibly be a figment of my imagination.  Yesterday I thought perhaps I was producing a bit more phlegm, which I am not sure was factual.  What I really did notice was this morning and I had more seasonal allergy symptoms than usual, a little more phlegm and ear drainage issues.  I want to monitor it and finish off the kefir and Greek yogurt, but I think I will go back to using raw cheese sparingly and that being about it.  I still want to understand more about milk and calcium and its role in the body.  I feel if I do drink it from now on, it will be at least grass-fed organic (no hormones or additives for me!).  I hear that with the hormones, milk is growth producing and can cause cancer?  Which is scary.  Also, with the extra allergy symptoms, perhaps I am negatively affected by it?   I will continue to research!

Oh as a side note, I am getting a massage tonight!  Plus I am so ready for the hubby to come back from Provo!  He is getting back Friday and then we are headed to Austin Friday night and Saturday!  Then it's to my parents for a fun 4th of July celebration!  Although with all the drought and Texas forest fires, I don't think we will get to see fireworks :(

These are not healthy, say NO to the beige!

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