Monday, June 20, 2011

The family that diets together...

So my immediate family has lost a large amount of blubber within the past couple years. 

213 POUNDS OF FAT no longer plague my family.  We have lost a whole HUMAN of fat!!

Each person took their own journey but ended up in the same place.

I am so proud of my family.  We realized we weren't being healthy and we made a change.  Each person has their own reason for the weight loss, which isn't the story I want to tell.  What I want to do though, is talk about how.

And now for the details...

Husband: 40 pounds
- How long it took: 3 years
- How it was lost: Drinking less and eating better.  More fruits/veggies and less cookies.
- Exercise: Occasional basketball and stationary bike. Regular Kayaking and 2 mile walks with the pup and me.

Me: 23 pounds
-How long it took: 3.5 years of fake trying, but 1.5 years (most of it since Paleo) of results
-How it was lost: Tracking calories and then my version of Paleo (no breads and just a slight amount or legumes (peanut butter only) and dairy (relugated to dressings)).
-Exercise: Intermittent treadmill, weights, yoga and workout DVD's.  Regular 2 miles walks with the hubs and pup.  I am an on again/off again workout person.

Sister: 30 pounds
-How long it took: 1 year-ish
-How it was lost: Tracking calories and working out hardcore.
-Exercise: Running and triathlon training, every day.

Brother: 70 pounds
-How long it took: 1 year-ish
-How it was lost: Medifast program (at first shakes and now lean & green meals).
-Exercise: Working out at the gym with my dad.

Mom: 50 pounds
-How long it took: 1 year-ish
-How it was lost: tracking calories and a personal trainer.  Low carb (diabetes diet-esque).
-Exercise: Personal trainer twice a week and walking the other days of the week. 

Those that didn't lose, but didn't really need to: Dad, brother-in-law & the two nieces.

Funny Confession Ecard: I love pretending that I don't care about my weight.
Source: someecards  - Not me, I will talk your ear off.  Don't ask me how I lost the weight if you don't really want to know!  Hope you don't have a somewhere to be!

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