Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Today I celebrate a BIG day...well... "little" now I guess!  I have officially LOST 20 POUNDS of fat,
Wahoo X 20

So how did I get there and then back again you might ask?Well, it started when I met my husband.  I was pretty skinny, worked out often-ish (lifting and running) and ate rather well (mostly because I didn't have a life and it was much easier to control myself when I wasn't always out and about).  My husband is a large guy, over 6 feet and muscular-y (sidenote: he was 240 at the time and now weighs 211).  That didn't stop me from trying to eat the same portions as him though!  So very quickly I went from a svelte 135 to 145 and then it kept creeping up and up until my wedding where I weighed 155!  Date approximations may vary below. I’m too lazy to research exactness :)

Summer to Late 2009 - I realize that at 5'6-1/2" that I was still in the "healthy" weight range, but I sure didn't feel healthy!  I was always sick, either from stomach issues, allergies, colds, etc.!  My stomach hurt so much that I went and got tested for food allergies.  I think I have mentioned before, but I am allergic to hops, soy and tree nuts (along with a couple other things).  Cutting this stuff out helped, but didn't transform me with my stomach issues.  It took cutting out fried foods for me to really stop suffering (now I realize that grains and excess carbs in general cause a whole host of illnesses)!

Summer 2010 - So I cut out most allergy foods and fried goodness and started logging my calories with Tap & Track on my IPhone.  It is a great app but, I kept cheating...ok ok so let's say I have 1200 calories to play with, (that was another thing, talk about failing before you begin, who can keep to that as a lifestyle change!?) I would fill it up with cookies and junk food and then try and not eat the rest of the day so I could stay within the range!  While not exactly healthy, it was enough of a change to lose the first 10 pounds with tracking.  I was basically keeping to a low fat-ish, but still high carb diet.  I cheated on the weekends, which in my opinion was Thursday to Monday! It kind of worked but not enough.  I couldn't go down any further and I felt my weight creeping back up!  Exercise happened occasionally and at some points I didn't even track calories. I would workout Tues./Thurs. with a friend, but half the time we didn't even go. I also tried out a couple of other gym options, none of which stuck. 

Spring 2011 - I stayed around 145 for a while and decided to make a better go of it.  I upped my calorie counter to 1840 so that on my bad days at least I was sticking under this amount and on my good days I could really try and do better (it was important to figure out how many calories I burned just by being and adding in daily activites - thank you internets!).  I also started doing daily 2 mile walk with my hubby and dog as well as an exercise DVD from Netflix.  It worked and I dropped down to 140.  It was really hard to go further down though.  Although I was just stoked to be at this point, I really wanted to be able to see my abs (still working on this one)! 

May 2011 - So enter the P90X, Paleo Solution and this last weekend.  I did two days of P90X before vacation and started out the weekend at 139.  After reading 200 pages on my IPad of the Paleo Solution, I decided to give it a go.  I didn't eat grains and tried my best to stick with it (but did allow myself two ice cream moments of Zen).  Coming home from vacation, I was just hoping I would be under 140.  Well to my surprise the scale said 136!  At night!  The next morning I weighed 135.5 and today (with  2 mile walk and 25 min. Yoga X DVD last night) was 135!  I am BACK!  BTW, don't burst my bubble with your water weight talk!  Pish posh!  So here is to hoping this sticks!  Although with the Mitral Valve Prolapse it seems that possibly cutting out grain carbs and increasing magnesium will help decrease symptoms (if so then I am ON BOARD for LIFE).

To commemorate this day, here is a not so lovely photo from our wedding (lovely après dancing/disheveled hubby and I, our wedding was so much FUN!) and a photo from the happiest place on earth taken on Sunday. 

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