Friday, June 24, 2011

2 Years Ago I Got Engaged! (Minus 3 days)

My Engagement - June 21, 2009

Yay for being married!  I LOVE it.  I love my hubby and my little family we have made (Barles-ter included).  To commemorate le Jour du ‘engagement’, I ransacked my iPhone for pics and only came up with two from the entire trip.  Although I do have some engagement photo session pics, so I will share those as well.

How did it happen?  Did you suspect?
We were on a cruise to Alaska with my family and I suspected BIG time.  It was on Sunday, June 21st.  We had just gone to dinner with my family.  We were all dressed up and fancy.  I wasn't feeling all that well from the rocking of the boat so Greg mentioned that perhaps we should go on a walk outside.  Suspicion #1 - The sweaty face and nervous excitement had me a little alerted, but of course I didn't say anything in the hopes I didn't scare him away from doing it!  Next we went to the little flower cart and he asked her to make a bouquet for me out of my favorite orange and yellow roses (something like the rose below...).
Orange And Yellow Rose
by Andrew Schmidt
Suspicion # 2 - So this was pretty funny because the lady didn't do bouquets on the spot.  She wanted to send it to our room.  However, the hubby was VERY insistent.  I knew something was up, but I played coy again because I really didn’t want to frighten him away from asking!

Next we went to the very front of the boat.  I was cold and it was windy so he gave me his jacket.  Little did I know that the ring was IN the jacket.  It was very impressive he let me borrow it and still somehow managed to slip the box out without my knowing.  Then he got down on one knee with the box in hand (suspicion #3!?)...

I didn't even let him say anything other than "Erin..." before I said "Yes! Yes! Get up! Get up!" and I dragged him back to his feet.  It took about 1.2 seconds total. 

The best part was that we had an audience...ha!  The fitness center overlooks the front of the boat and a lady on the treadmill watched the whole thing.  I was quite embarrassed, although I don't know why because people get engaged all the time in font of strangers. I guess it’s because one of the most intimate moments of my life was being shared by some random person I could only see through a tinted glass that was waving her arms excitedly and cupping her mouth with her hands.  I kept thinking how strange that would be to watch and how creepy stalker-ish I would probably feel!  If you are out there stranger, thanks for being part of the celebration!  Hope you PR your next 5K!

So yeah, I kind of knew it was coming.  But it was a grand gesture and I so very much love that he made it special.  It is a memory I will never forget!
On the Boat, a couple days before the proposal!
The night after the proposal!

 Now enjoy some engagement sesssion photos!

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