Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well that was fun!

I had a BLAST this weekend.  We went to the beach, Disney World and played pool volleyball. 
Here are a few photos of the fantastic weekend!

Beach on Saturday.  Thousands of jellyfish (eek!) in the water meant we were kind of bored.  I am not so much a beach person due to the fact that I can't sit still for very long, but enjoyed walking around in the sun!  The right hand photo was my awesome attempt at faux surfing and my hubby's awesome attempt at photographing.  BTW, what is up with that gap in my arm, weird.

 On left - Trying on hats at Ron Jon's at Cocoa Beach.  I felt that this hat really added a sense of grace and charm to the hubby's facade.  Hehehe.
On Right - A CHICKEN at a GAS STATION!?  This was weird AND awesome.

Sunday at Disney World = Magical Fantastic Wonderfulness and the coolest mountains EVER (i.e. Space, Splash, Thunder). There is totally a kid staring at me and my SIL while petting the horse ghosty thingy at the Haunted Mansion (this is totally normal, nothing to see, move along move along!)
So anymway, my happy ride is Space Mountain...and I am not sure I had a sad one........but...well...

Ok ok, so from the opening of the park to lunch I might have looked like this.  ONLY because I got something in my eye and just followed around the group half blind.  The first aid told me I should think about going to the emergency room...but I was NOT leaving...and when it finally cleared up, I got to re-ride all the stuff that I missed the first go 'round, so win-win(ish)! 
Yup, we had some fun AND I lost 3 pounds, WHAT!?
I decided to pickup the Paleo Solution just to remind myself to eat better.  Well I found it pretty interesting and tried it out (for the most part...ok ok I had some ice cream, whoops)....but it seemed to work and now I am 19.5 pounds down from my heavy weight!  Yaay.

Alright lunch is over, back to work and then some P90X tonight!

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