Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Ol' Bloggie Try Part 2

Hello Internets!

Alright, well I tried to have a crafty/cool person's blog, but then I got bored of crafting and deleted all my posts!  Since I change hobbies every six months, perhaps I should just leave this blog open to whatever flight of fancy has taken me. 

My new hobby is obsessing about fitness and health.  I have become addicted to running blogs (even though I don't run very much or very fast!) and general fitness blogs and I wanna join in the fun! 

My biggest blog concern is that I am a pretty private person, but I have this intense desire to break out of my shell and tell people all about my life!  As I am sure all of you care and are clutching the side of your desk for my next words...ha.  Actually I am pretty sure if anyone reads this I will get all embarrassed and flustered, but I will make the best of it!  I am not always sure about bloggie etiquette so feel free to correct me if I make a mistake (nicely please!) but here I go!

5 Things about me!

1.  I was just diagnosed yesterday with MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse) which is apparently something different depending on which website you go to...Known as
a Heart Condition
a Heart Problem
a Heart Disease
my favorite, floppy valve syndrome! hehehe.
...the other part of this is that one website said it affected thin women (wahoo they called me thin!), but then another website said that it mostly affected men over the age of 50, so I will take it with a grain of salt!

2.  I have lost 16 pounds from my wedding 2.5ish years ago!  Granted I had put on 20 pounds when I first met my hubby so...I have a little more weight loss to go, but I would say that I am pretty happy at my current fat skinny weight right now (I just don't want a tummy bulge when I sit down, that is my main goal!)

3.  I have tried so many types of workout and am currently doing P90X! It is intense but fantastic so far!  Ok so I am only on day 2 and there is a possibility I can't do it again until Tuesday....but I am SORE! 

4.  I am allergic to soy, tree nuts, hops and summer squash (I think there are a few more, but who knows!).  I tend to keep free of all of these for the most part...well not hops, since my hubby is a home brewer and I am required by holy wedded law to drink his beer and like it :)  Don't worry I keep the epi pen close.......and my beer closer :)

5. I just really super hope I can actually keep a blog up to date!  So far I would say I am a blog failure, but hey I can always wipe it clean and start fresh (third times a charm right!?  Maybe I will blog about basket weaving or scuba diving next! Haha, yay for loads of hobbies!)

Aaaandddd... because I think posts need fun things to look at as a reward for reading all my words...

My pupster Barley!  Currently being groomed as we speak, even though he is 2.5 years old, he is about to look like a lab puppy!  In this photo he looks like the mix breed possibly scottie and chow mishmash (I typed this into Word to see if it really was a word and it didn't correct me, so I am pretty happy with it) that he is.  Yep that is a black/purple/dirty tongue!

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