Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm Going to Disneyworld!

Yay for long weekends!  My hubby and I try to eek out all the possible time we can out of vacations.  So far this year we have been to Portland, Seattle, San Antonio, New Orleans, Houston (if that counts because we live an hour away) and Indiana (New Years...I am only putting Indiana because if I just put the city you would have no idea where that is).

We LOVE to travel.  Last year we went to Tokyo for our big trip and this year we are thinking we will do Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland (or some combination of those). 

My biggest concern is obviously food.  Vacation means fun and free of concern, but I want to be SKINNY HEALTHY!  So it is hard to just go crazy!  I thought about stopping and getting some protein bars, but really the best would be to purchase some fruits and healthy things once we get there, right? We are staying with family friends though and I hate to impose.  I guess I will just try to track calories and hope for the best!  Although I might have to find some dip n' dots along the way!

Alright!  Well I am off to Disneyworld see you on Tuesday!
 Austin, TX and margaritas...yummy!  I might be just a smidge smaller now, but I really like this photo (I am rocking some $9.99 Miley Cyrus Sunglasses!).  It wasn't until the next trip to the same place that I realized how many calories are in a margarita...eek!  Oh but they are delicious you say?  Ok I'll take another :)

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